About Us

CodeLingua is dedicated to making the language of computers, or code, easy to understand. We translate technical information into terms that anyone, regardless of technical background, can use. We also know how to transform the business needs expressed by those same people into real world, working, technology solutions.

We listen to you, learn how your business works, and recommend the best approach to fulfilling your needs with the appropriate solution. With over 20 years combined experience in various industries, CodeLingua is prepared to help you succeed. Our knowledge of multiple technologies allows us to recommend and provide a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact us today so you can focus on your business' strategic initiatives and start realizing a real return on your investment.

Our Philosophy

CodeLingua is committed to becoming your trusted partner, someone to help you navigate the IT landscape with confidence. Acting as a guide to avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles along the way, to achieve your busines objectives through informed decision making about technical solutions.

We develop long term relationships with our clients, because their success matters to us. Needs change over time, and we promise to be there to help you respond to those changes in an agile manner. This helps mitigate the impact of those changes to your success.

Our Process

Every organization is different, therefore how we work with you depends greatly on you.

We work diligently to understand your particular business, its objectives, people, processes, and the tools they use. We are also mindful of your schedule and budget, offering solutions that respect both.

We work collaboratively with you, devising appropriate strategies and plans of action. This may or may not include new or improved tooling, and minor process changes. The suitability of these is determined as a result of the discovery process, examination of alternatives, and the ability to leverage existing solutions.

The goal is to allow IT to best serve the business, making your organization more streamlined and effective. This translates into greater overall success, and allowing you to go about the business of running your business.

Throughout the process, we encourage open and frequent communication. This transparency and feedback loop fosters trust, and allows for rapid adaptation to changing circumstances. This leads to putting the right solution in place faster. Maximizing value and minimizing investment.

Furthermore, the scope of work short term and long term will inevitably change as your needs and other factors change. Regular reviews to validate current objectives, level of effort, and adjusting those accordingly keep things on track to get you the most value on an ongoing basis.

The Key To Software Success
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